CALL: 1 (218)-339-0801 - when prompted use passcode 10970#
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WeeklyCalls Login Instructions for MyPowerWebcast

MyPowerWebcast is a powerful tool that combines the reliability of the phone with the power of the Internet. With MyPowerWebcast you have the ability to see the presentation visually as well as listen to the conference call. Just follow the simple instructions below. There is no download required. All you need is a connection to the internet while being on a conference call. Try it out, you'll love the experience!

Follow these 5 easy steps:

STEP 1: 1 (218)-339-0801 - when prompted use passcode 10970#
STEP 2: Click on the link to MyPowerWebcast.com
STEP 3: Click on "Join A Meeting"
STEP 4: Enter the following:

Your Name: Your real name
Your Host's Username: weeklycalls

STEP 5: Click on the link "Enter the Host's Room"

Enjoy the Presentation!


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